Shared bikes in China

You’re never too far away from a shared/rental bike here in China – especially if you’re in one of the major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen.  In these cities, bikes are literally piling up ready to be used by one of the 20 or so million residents.

There are times where too many bikes end up in the same place, but this is generally short-lived as there are hundreds of workers to move the bikes to places more in need.

Personally, I love the fact that there are bikes all over the place! I live in Beijing and until you’re here, it’s hard to imagine how big the city is! These bikes serve as a super easy way to get from the subway station or bus stop to the place you need to be.

Currently most of these bikes don’t require a deposit and are available for as little as 20p a ride, or £10 for half a year unlimited use! Bargain right!?

What do you think about shared bikes? Would you like them to come to your city?



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