Teach English in China! Come on!

If you have always wanted to make a change to your life but never had the guts to make the first move – now is your BIG CHANCE!!


I’ve been in China now for 7 years!  Yes, 7 years!!  I know a thing or two and here I am, ready to help you get stuck in!

A video of a typical day as a teacher in China!

There are ALWAYS jobs available – ALWAYS!!!  It’s not like applying for jobs in the west where it’s generally slow and people are so darn picky!  You can definitely find the right job here in China!  Want to know what’s available?  Well, teaching children is by far the most popular, with nursery level teaching being the most readily available.  However there are ALWAYS jobs for ages 4 – 14.  After that there is the crucial examination age between 15 – 18 where more specialised skills may be needed.  Adults generally prefer to learn business English to help with their careers, but now there is an ever growing market for general spoken English skills classes.


I have contacts with jobs available ALL OVER the country, not only in the big cities.  Don’t be shy – make the first move!  Contact me here, or leave me a comment below with any questions!

Don’t assume you don’t have what it takes – China is the new land of opportunity.

NEEDED RIGHT NOW – kindergarten teachers Beijing, Chengdu and Xianyang!  Along with many other jobs all over the country!


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