🍁 Autumn 🍂 in Beijing, China

Went out for a walk today in the housing community I live in and took some photos. Some parts of Beijing can look very nice in autumn time.  The only problem is, it’s SO DRY!

You can see the lack of water if you pay attention to the ground in these pics below.

What is your favourite thing about autumn?  I like to see the brown leaves all over the place, it makes me feel like autumn is a time to clear away the old and prepare for a fresh start in the new year.

I currently live in the Shaoyaoju area of Beijing. It’s a very big housing community with parks, schools and restaurants – so much to do without needing to take a bus!  You might see from the photos that this little park is surrounded by 20-something floor apartment buildings.  It’d be scary to do the maths and see how many people live around here, although it never really feels crowded.  Lots of ghosts going to work and coming home late every day. Anyway….

Hope Autumn is beautiful where you are!



  1. My favourite part about autumn are the yellow ginkgo leaves and the fact that it is not as cold as in winter, haha. Have you ever lived in the no-heating area of China? I would gladly invite whoever decided that “the south is not cold enough to get heating” to spend a whole winter in Suzhou/Shanghai. Or maybe just punch him in the face with my chilblains-covered fist.


    • I haven’t ever lived in the no-heating part of China but I’ve visited for a week during spring festival and didn’t enjoy it one bit! Actually everything was strange to me there. Everyone was sitting with their winter coats and scarves on and they opened all the doors and windows ‘to let in fresh air’ even though everyone was freezing.. They said if they close the windows it’ll get damp.. I was thinking sure, open the windows a little bit is ok but it was like being in an arctic wind tunnel! Was so glad to get back to Beijing.


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