Olympic Forest Park, Beijing

Today I made an attempt to take @hillary_hytt (my wife) and son to the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing..  We made it to the entrance and then had to head back!  It got too cold and we were moving at snail pace because of our little son.  Anyone with a 3 month old baby will know what it’s like!

He enjoyed himself for a little while before fussing and eventually sleeping.

I still managed to take some photos of the day, so I thought I’d share.  I’ll have to revisit and update you on what the park actually has to offer in another post.

South gate of the Olympic Forest Park


It really makes me feel cold just looking at these photos now!

Not quite sure what this is all about…  Any guesses?

Where are the leaves?

The Bird’s Nest Stadium

We made it to the park entrance and did a small loop around the first circular path and then walked about 2km to the bus stop to take little Oscar home!  It really got chilly after the sun went down..  Next time I’ll have to go out earlier.

Have you been to the Olympic Park in Beijing before?  What do you think?  How does it compare to your favourite park?


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