Happy new year!: 2018 review (pics)

What a year! 🥳 

I’ll get around to explaining the photos in this post very soon, but I’ve run out of time for today! Check back in a couple days! But for now, enjoy the million pics and try to make a story out of it 🤣

I started the year with a trip to a local KTV. KTV is so big in China! Pay for a room, pay for food/drinks and then there you go! TV and loud speakers are all yours. Thousands of songs to choose from, mostly Chinese but there are lots of cheesy English ones too.

At the end, we played a game of whatever this is called.. Roll the dice, whoever gets the lowest score has to spin the dial and do the challenge it lands on. (Aim for PASS) lol!!

Demolition! 👇

The housing block directly in front of ours pretty much got demolished overnight during a blitz in the city on ‘illegal’ or ‘substandard housing’. Thousands of people were made homeless overnight at the time and we were worried that our home would be next. Timing was perfect, we were planning to leave the country!

Stephen the cat jumped on my back! He was telling me not to leave him behind in Beijing! He knew it was coming!

What a year! Imagine, this time last year Oscar wasn’t here.. Now he is! The excitement of this moment, when we discovered Oscar was there, alive and well, heart beating a mile a minute! What a moment!

Making the most of our time

Since the baby was on the way, we knew our lives were going to be different going forwards, so we decided to get out as much as possible. We went to parks, went for walks, all sorts of stuff just to use up the time we had before Hillary was no longer as mobile.

This year I need to cut back on the bread lol. Or exercise MUCH more!

Coffee pictures, because, why not?! Are you a coffee person, or a tea person?

Look at Hillary trying to keep a straight face while I’m practically wetting myself in this challenge! See the video for yourself and tell me who you think won. It’s pretty obvious lol!

The amount of things you start to think about when there is a baby on the way.. It’s quite sad how modern society has made us prioritise weird, stupid things over our own happiness.

No words…
Jason always finds a comfortable spot!

Last year I told myself I’d try and learn more Chinese.. I told myself… But, as usual, it didn’t happen. Useless! This year, I must be more persistent! I need to break this awful cycle of not getting things done! Time is flying!

Miss these guys! Last pizza before leaving the company!

All plans seem easier before you start than they end up being. Kind of like this blog post. At the beginning it was just pictures, then slowly over the days, I filled it out with my ramblings.

Trying to make sense of life…
Still finding those comfortable spots. But that’s MY seat!

A stealth wedding?

I will talk about this properly in another post, but 2018 saw me and Hillary in a strange situation.. We were already married, but hadn’t had a wedding ceremony as yet, so her family decided to kinda, sorta, botch a surprise wedding.. I say surprise wedding, because we were told it was a family dinner, but all the relatives were told it was a wedding… Anyway, long story, I’ll come back to it another time.

Ma’AnShan is not my ideal place, but it was an adventure! One not to be repeated hopefully!

Another last pizza with work and final goodbyes with the cats. I think they knew what was happening. They looked so sad!

6 months at home! 🇬🇧

THE BEST 6 months in recent times!

I absolutely LOVED being back home this time! Especially as I knew I didn’t have a job to worry about and not a care in the world, except waiting for baby Oscar to be born. I had the chance to go to two weddings, see lots of friends and do lots of mini-trips all over the place. Loved it!

Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

I got the chance to go to Berlin which was amazing!! A holiday within a holiday! I saw some of my friends who have long left Beijing and one of my best friends I met while at university! Amazing time! I love Berlin! I’m sure I already did a write up about Berlin, so once I find it, I’ll add a link here.

Not long to go now.. Bump is growing nicely.

Is it a thing that all dads, or dads to be get fat? I am not going to be part of this stereotype! I need to exercise MORE and shed this daddy fat. Not gonna end 2019 with a double chin!

Remember when England were almost gonna win the World Cup? Well, it was close! The most entertaining World Cup in recent times!

I ate all the pies!

So I had to also get our running to burn off some of that apple pie belly-baggage!

Lots of scans, hospital visits and visits from friends! We were so lucky that Kim kindly gave us a LOAD of baby clothes from her huge collection. She’s had 5 boys, so she had LOTS to share. Thank you so much! Oscar is working his way through them now and he looks great!

The build up….

Bump is HUGE!
20 July 2018, The day finally arrived!

Welcome to the world, little Oscar!

Wow. Amazing. This moment was just amazing.

Aww… So cute! But he’s gotten even cuter (and louder) in his first 5 months!

Our shiny little new Beijing apartment was waiting for us. We had to pay for half a year’s rent in advance! It’s getting a little crazy now in Beijing! It’s not cheap either!

New apartment!

Imagine, Oscar was only 5 weeks old when he took his first plane journey! He’s been in the car multiple times, train, plane, subway, taxi jeez all while so small!

A royal welcome back for Hillary! Her bosses picked us up at the airport and took us home! One Land Rover for our baggage while we rode up front in the BMW. Luxury.

Stupid! 😩 🤯

I waited until the last minute to complete my visa and therefore had to leave Mainland China… Stupid.. I was thinking I still had so much time, then it hit me! We had so many little things to do, but I ran out of time.. Hong Kong yet again! I’ve been here so many times now! I do love it, but not under these circumstances. Rushed, unplanned etc..

9 days later I made it back to Beijing with a new visa and a new mindset! Get things done early!

Merry Christmas!

Oscar learned to turn over a day before he turned 5 months old! Amazing! He was so proud of himself! We were even more proud of him! Well done!

🍾Here’s to an amazing 2019! 🥂


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