If success was a certainty

Well? What would you do?

Every now and then you come across a quote that just makes you stop and think. You just think well what if you could do anything that you wanted to do, what if everything that you tried you succeed at. It’s quite amazing what you can do if you just put your mind to it.

Just put your mind to it and anything is possible

I know, I know, the Internet is full of these quotes, the Internet is full of these motivational speakers, it’s full of these people who don’t know what they’re talking about – but everything they say makes someone feel motivated.

This quote just made my day.

If you knew success was a certainty, what would you attempt to do?

– unknown

There are so many times when I’ve surprised myself. Sometimes I think we just need a nudge. Just a little nudge in the right direction, once a day. It makes such a difference! If we could all just be a little bit more motivated, a little bit more positive when we do things, then we’d soon realised that anything is possible.

Anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.


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