Olympic Forest Park: Winter edition

For those of you following me on Instagram, you may recognise some of these photos from a while back when I went to the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing with Hillary and her family. I went there again recently but didn’t take any photos, so here is a write up using the photos from the last time.

I love some of the signs in parks here

We definitely didn’t do any swimming, but we may have stepped on the ice! Oops! It was everywhere!!


Winters in Beijing are exceptionally cold, with temperatures sinking to the double digit negatives. It stays that way all day and all night too, so there is no break for about 4 months solid! Today is a lovely -11°C with a wind chill factor of -22°C! It was super cold! I was frozen to the bone!

I just wish they let us ride bikes around this park… But I can understand why they don’t… People just don’t respect public spaces.

Tell me about the parks where you live! Send me pics 🙂


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