Beautiful Beijing day

Today was such a beautiful day 😎! That is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Good of course, because I could actually see that the sky was blue. Bad, because I was so sweaty throughout the day until my evening shower..

We took Oscar out for a walk in the sun. His pushchair just about covers him up but we have to be careful not to let his legs get too much sun as they poke out. He’s getting big now! Can’t believe he’s almost 1 year old!!

What happened to Ofo?

🚲 The shared bike market in China is collapsing. There are only a few remaining and the new rules and regulations will soon drive them all out of business.

Elderly people in Beijing have so many ways to get around! Electric scooters, three wheelers and what I can only call ‘old people mobiles’.. The problem is, they speed around in these all over the pavements and bike lanes etc. A little dangerous.

I used to think that Beijing hasn’t got enough trees 😅 – and that’s still my general feeling. But, when I look through my photos, I see there are actually lots of trees and the city sometimes looks super green. Not sure why it doesn’t feel that way when I’m going about my daily business.

When the evening came, it was such a nice temperature! Very different to how the coming months will be. Some parts of the city can be surprisingly peaceful, despite this being a city of 22 million people! Next to our apartment this is just not possible! We live next to one of the major ring roads in the city, which is equivalent to living next to the M25 in London! 😱

👆The only time you’ll find the subway stations so empty is at night. How do you get around your town/city? In Beijing, the subway is by far the most convenient.  The only time you’ll find the subway stations so empty is at night. How do you get around your town/city? In Beijing, the subway is by far the most convenient.

Reading time! Oscar ‘actively listened’ in his own way…. He turned the pages and made noises at the pictures.. I think he understood everything.. Hmm.. Any story books to recommend? Let me know!

See you tomorrow for more!



  1. I get the feeling the air in Beijing is actually better now than down here… we’re having a weekly average of like 120 and it’s summer already!!! The rain season is starting soon and I hope all this shit gets cleaned.

    Baby A. loves the Bizzie Bear books because they have a lot of things to move around and push xD

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    • Yeah, Beijing is hit and miss these days.. Today I’m writing this comment and the air was terrible. Random windy and rainy days help in summer here. Without either of those two, the sky is ‘Beijing grey’ and awful to breathe.

      Bizzie Bear eh? Ok, I’m going to have a look for this series. Sounds like fun!


      • You can find them in bookstores, Taobao and other websites! The name in Chinese is 小熊很忙 and it’s a bilingual English-Chinese edition.


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