Picking up mum

Update: Here is the video –

Today we spent most of the day indoors. After yesterday, we decided it was best to not go out in the peak sunshine again for a while.

Not as hot as yesterday, but still HOT

For breakfast I had zongzi, which is a traditional Chinese food usually eaten on or around the Dragon Boat Festival. I was a little late, but we have a big box of them, so we’ll be eating them over the next few days.

I’ll have to do a write up on this festival another time. For now, there’s always Wikipedia haha!

The view from my apartment, is just…. Roads! I remember when I used to think it’d be so cool to live in a high rise apartment somewhere in the world.. How opinions have changed.

I went to take photos and Oscar wasn’t happy

We went out to Hillary’s work for a bit to hang out. Eventually, Oscar fell asleep! He was tired out after playing all day! We met up with Hillary’s bosses and their kids and had the biggest Burger King feast I’ve ever had.. Good, but so bad, if you know what I mean haha. Luckily Oscar slept throughout, so we could finish the food in peace.

Hillary took a few night photos on the way back home. What do you think of her photography skills? We were walking the whole time, so many of them were a little jerky.

It was already a really nice temperature when we went out and there was a nice cool breeze. I wonder how many more times I can still say this before the ‘late night heat’ comes in over the next few weeks.. Enjoy it while can.

Oh Oscar!!
Bathed and ready for bed! Well.. We thought so.. He slept eventually at 2am!


That’s my feeling at the end of this post! Oscar kept us up until 2am! Not quietly playing, but crazily storming around the apartment. Dragging everything in his path lol. This sleep preparation isn’t going to plan..

See you tomorrow! 😴


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