Night walk with baby

Oscar has been going to sleep way too late recently, so me and Hillary are trying different things to make him tired at a reasonable hour so he can sleep! So far, no luck!

He is definitely sleepy during this night walk.. But not sleepy enough..

He was so interested in all the lights! So cute.

He tried having conversations with us and then with the lights, the trees, the leaves etc. It was so humid outside! Felt like being in a sauna..

Took so many photos! My little camera isn’t quite good enough so a lot of them were wasted… If only I had taken the big camera out tonight… Next time! Maybe tomorrow!

He ended up falling asleep at 2am.. Again.. Second night in a row! We were in this park at 9pm, so you can imagine the headache trying for nearly 5 hours to get this little never ending energy source to sleep..

Anyway, speaking of being past my bedtime – I’m off to sleep now too!

See you tomorrow for more fun!



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