Trying to tire him out.. (Fail)

What a day!

I started as I mean to go on with a pizza, chicken wings and chips for lunch, after skipping breakfast (thanks Oscar)..

Delicious! So so good! I ordered the pizza from a famous pizza restaurant in Beijing called Tube Station (站点). This place is known for having ridiculous sized pizzas! I chose the small one (10 inches) because it was just me, but the medium one is 19 inches! The large is 24 inches! So, yeah, plenty for everyone!!

In the evening, we took Oscar out to a shopping centre near our home to play until he was tired. The plan was that he’d be so tired he’d sleep through the night… There were so many attractions for little ones, like the little car/plane thing I was driving 👇

That wasn’t enough. He actually looked a little scared on this one, so maybe not next time..

There was a Starbucks in the shopping centre, so….. Yeah. Hillary tried to get some photos with an excited Oscar. He was busy slapping the table as hard as he could. I think he doesn’t feel pain in his hands…

Finally we made it to the play area!

Not sure where the hat came from.. Oscar is always a mini-celebrity when he goes outside. There are always crowds of people wanting to look at him and ask questions about me and Hillary etc.. He made new friends here today too! He’s always going to where the action (noise) is.

I wonder if Oscar will be able to take my place as the dishwasher when he’s older? He looked as if he was enjoying miming washing dishes today.. 👇

Me and Hillary took it in turns to go in the play area with Oscar. One goes in, the other rests and drinks coffee.

Before we left, a computer game caught his eye, so I tried to teach him how to use it.. I’d say he picked it up pretty quickly, but then he started to make his own rules and stopped following what I was doing. Oh well, at least he had fun.

Oscar, played and played until near closing time. He started to get tired and restless, so we took him outta there.

I wonder how many people live in this one building! Crazy..

Late night update..

Let me just tell you now. At the time of writing this, 3:30am, he’s only been asleep about 40 minutes! I am pretty much lucky to be alive with the amount of sleep I’m getting these days..

Hopefully see you again tomorrow!


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