That time I went to an abandoned theme park

Back in 2012, me and my friend ventured out of Beijing’s bustling city streets in search of something special. We wanted to find out if the rumours were true. Did Beijing really have an abandoned theme park?

Coincidentally this video is my most popular on YouTube! Not bad considering it was just a random completely unplanned upload. This was before all the algorithm stuff was talked about and it went on to get nearly half a million views! Now to just replicate the success of this one with all my other vlogs.. Ahem.. Ok, ok, ok, stop laughing. Enjoy the pics!

China is absolutely massive, let that be the first thing I say here. The differences between the city centre and suburbs, to villages and towns is so vast it’s absolutely unreal.

One moment you’re in the future, the next, after a single bus ride, you end up in farm fields with run down shacks and an abandoned theme park! 😅

It took us over 2 hours to get there! From memory, we didn’t have a very long time to explore either. 2 hours travel for about an hour of exploration and then 2 hours back home.

And here it is!

When we arrived, we were pretty shocked that it was actually real! Also, shocked at how big it looked form the outside. I had visions of decaying roller coasters, abandoned shops..

Look how excited (and thin) we are!

Inside, we found that the entire theme park had been turned into – a FARM!! The entire park was covered in crops and weeds, not weed.. Corn, cabbage and whatever else. Loads of the stuff. Also there were some old people tending to their crops while we were there! This kind of ‘farm’ is obviously illegal but since the place is abandoned, I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

An incomplete tower. I have visions of Disneyland’s grand entrance.. But no.

I wonder what they had actually planned. I’d love to see the blueprints.

A phone number to buy/sell crop seeds..

And that’s that. We left as the sun was going down because the bus to here (the middle of nowhere) stopped pretty early.

Have you ever tried any urban exploring in your town or city? What’s the best abandoned place you’ve found/explored? Let me know! See you tomorrow!


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