Baby shoes…

Today started out like any other summer day in Beijing.. BOILING HOT!! I know, you can’t tell just from looking at this photo through a dirty window… But it was really hot!

I wonder if all apartment buildings are this messy here. It seems all the ones I’ve lived in while here are like this. Covered in random notices, and spam phone numbers everywhere.

We headed out with a mission to take Oscar out all day and make him tired…

First stop, a shopping centre with a children’s play area. Oscar loves it there and he doesn’t stop moving once we get there. Perfect for getting him to be tired.. Right?

In the video, you’ll see a part where Oscar is pushing the box along. He probably did a few kilometres just pushing the box back and forth across this playground!

Oscar likes playing hide and seek. He hasn’t quite figured out hiding… He’s good at finding though!


Oscar is deep in thought. What to play with next?

First he attacked the camera man. No paparazzi with this baby!

Guilty!! Not sure what he did, but he must have done something to get that cheeky grin!

You just have to take my word for it. He doesn’t stop moving for a minute when he’s here. He has unlimited stamina!

Will he be a pianist when he grows up? I hope he does eventually like a musical instrument. I’d like him to learn something like guitar or piano, but I’ll let him choose when the time comes.

Success!! Kind of.. He slept in the push chair on the way back home. But he woke up pretty much straight away as soon as we stepped in the apartment. We had to do a pit stop and then head out to Hillary’s work.

That sweat patch though… Couldn’t be helped. 33 degrees and super humid! I was a walking swimming pool.

We stopped at Hillary’s work for a while and Hillary left me there to do some shopping with Oscar.. When she came back…..

Oscar had a new pair of shoes! Why why why? She bought these sandals(?) from a sports shop in the shopping mall we were in. Apparently Oscar didn’t want open toed ones and this was the only pair he didn’t make a big fuss about.

Ahh, ok, they’re cute! But useless. Still, not bad… I guess..

Honestly I thought it had shut down for so many years, but it’s alive and kicking here in Beijing! Seems to be very popular for kids’ clothes.

That’s all folks! I’m so tired! Oscar has been sleeping at 2am every night – meaning I’ve been sleeping at 4am after editing the video and blog.. Call me ‘panda man’. I’ll look like a panda very soon!



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