Lately I’ve been getting into the idea of podcasts. Sure, the idea of podcasting isn’t new. But I never really thought about them before seriously until now.

Just putting it out there, I think I want to start a podcast.

I think…

Well, it’s definitely a good idea for those brave enough to do it.

Which podcasts do you listen to at the moment? Currently I listen to:

There are probably more and as and when I recall the names, I’ll add them here.

Let me know which podcasts you’re listening to! Also, if you’ve got any suggestions of how to start one – let me know! All suggestions welcome 😎



  1. Joe Rogan’s podcast is great! My favorite one is the Jordan Harbinger one due to all the great guests he has.

    I started a podcast in 2014 with my best friend in Hong Kong when I decided to move. We did to have a reason to consistently keep in touch. It’s called Mutually Awkward and is basically just two friends shooting the breeze. We never took it super seriously and didn’t try to make it big. But some cool things happened from it — like a listener visiting nearby my old home and us hanging out! That was pretty cool.

    Only advice on how to start one I can think of is just start talking 🙂


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