And we’re off!

Today we left Beijing for a week in Ma’anshan, Hillary’s home town! After last time, I had no idea what to expect after last time, but oh well.

On the way to the airport, Oscar was so well behaved! Playing and ‘talking’ the whole way. He eventually fell asleep for about 20 minutes until we arrived.

At the airport, again he was his usual playful self. Grabbing at the camera, saying ‘wow’ at everything he saw and trying to drink our coffees. Of course, we didn’t let him.

Hillary says this is the smallest plane she’s ever been in – so she was pretty scared! I told her that small planes tend to wobble a bit more than big planes in the smallest of winds.. Didn’t help to ease her nerves..

Yep. The plane wobbled, shook, up and down, left and right bump and bump. It was an absolutely terrifying landing, but I kept my cool since this kind of plane is always like this (at least whenever I seem to be in them).

The food…. I passed.. Hillary tucked in because she was starving. I knew as soon as we arrived at her hometown there would be a huge feast waiting, so I chose to hang on.

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That landing was cray cray!!!! 😧

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Nearly every airport in China is relatively new, so it means they all look kind of like this. Shiny and spacious. I think the airports in the UK could do with a bit of an upgrade. T5 is like the only decent airport experience!

A tiny bit cooler but still scorching hot! Ma’anshan was a cloudy 33 degrees but with a nice cool breeze. Hillary’s uncle picked us up at the airport so we cancelled our high speed train tickets! It was about an hour drive from the airport to their hometown.

The difference between Beijing and here was massive! Here was so green!

For a city of 2.2 million, there were so many high rise apartment buildings here! A lot of them were obviously empty, obviously.. Not sure where the people will come from to fill the spaces. There is still massive construction going on all over the city to build new apartments. We heard of a park being razed to make way for apartment buildings.. Great city planning…

It’s a very laid back city. Everything is slow.

Hillary’s family were eagerly waiting for us to arrive! Oscar was immediately surrounded by new faces, but he enjoyed it!

Oscar’s great-granddad.

It took Oscar about 10 minutes before he was all over the floor exploring his new surroundings.

It was such a tiring day, but it was nice. Everyone was taking turns to play with Oscar, meaning everyone turned into a child for most of the evening.

Later we went back to Hillary’s family’s home. It’s currently being rented out on an airbnb style app. Of course, right now we’re here so for this week it’s ours!

Hillary says hi!

Before we went to sleep, we had to collect some packages. Here you can’t visit relatives without bringing some kind of gift. So, a package for everyone! We used the push chair to help us carry the stuff.

Good night! See you tomorrow! Maybe..


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