Everyone is so nice

We started the day with some traditional Anhui breakfast. Hillary and Oscar had some tofu and we had some different kinds of dumplings.

While we were eating, Oscar was going crazy around our feet and trying to reach up to us to steal our food. The breakfast was pretty good, but a little too greasy for me to be honest.

Oscar didn’t stop moving the entire morning!

The family home is set up to be rented out on a Chinese version of Airbnb. Done up pretty nicely and it has everything we need for the short stay. So much better than staying in a hotel! I swear hotels are going to be out of business in a few years.

Afternoon nap time for Oscar.

Most apartment blocks in China have awful lifts. I mean, the lift works fine, but inside usually looks like it’s been through a few world wars. Phone numbers and adverts plastered all over and battered to absolute death. This block is only about 3 or 4 years old…

Hillary’s uncle has been really nice and picked us up every day from the apartment to take us to her grandparent’s home.

Hillary kept letting Oscar try her sunglasses and he loved it haha!

Small cities in China still have many old fashioned things going on.. You could still see people with donkeys and carts and people pulling rubbish carts. It’s so strange to call this a small city, since if it was in the UK it’d be the second biggest city!

Oscar met his great-uncles and his uncles and had a really good time! He played non-stop and tired himself and everyone else out.

Dinner time was really interesting. So many different dishes again. All cooked by Hillary’s auntie. She loves to cook! If you know the names of the dishes let me know – I forgot most of them!

Hillary’s great-granddad and great-grandma.

Oscar is lucky to have such a big loving family on both sides! Everyone wants to play with him.

This is Hillary’s auntie. She probably used the most energy playing with Oscar! She was all over the place! One side of this big apartment to the other, non-stop for about an hour. I’m surprised Oscar wasn’t tired sooner.

One very good thing about coming here is – Oscar has been sleeping on time every day! He’s been going to sleep at about 10 or so and waking up the next morning. I wonder if it’s because he’s been playing so much here or because everyone else here seems to be tired all the time..

No comment lol..

Later we went to a park for a walk. We weren’t expecting so many mosquitoes though. Ugh.

Oscar really enjoyed drinking cold water! It was so so hot though, so it doesn’t surprise me. People here don’t allow kids to drink cold things, even if it’s fruit or water..

Had a little fun and pulled some stupid faces! At some point I’ll make a GIF and put it in here.

Not so many Mobikes here, but LOADS of other shared bike schemes here in Ma’anshan.

I don’t think there is a single Chinese city that doesn’t have a 30% or more construction rate. It’s crazy! Everywhere has something under construction.

Time for a big dinner! This time we went out to a restaurant. We got a really big private room and had a big dinner. Surprisingly we pretty much finished all of the food!

This face says it all!

Ok, that’s all – see you tomorrow!


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