He never stops moving!

This was a late update! I’ve been so busy over the past few days!! Much busier than I thought I would be.

Today we went for breakfast at the same place as the day before and had a little chat with the nosey business owner lol. She tried to get as much information as she could in the space of one minute in the friendliest (and nosiest) way possible! We dodged most of the questions with vague responses and starting our own conversation with Oscar etc. It’s so difficult being an ‘outsider’ in small town China..

Lots of deserted looking stuff here.. It’s definitely not bustling at this hour.. At night there are so many elderly people hanging around in front of most of the shops.

Eating from a bag. Yay!

Once again, Oscar had his tofu and seemed to really enjoy it! He’s been eating lots this week! A big change compared to the past few months. Let’s hope this continues right the way back to Beijing!

Hillary’s aunt caused a scene here, but no fault of her own. It’s normal for many Chinese people to first ‘clean’ the cutlery before using it, by rinsing everything in boiled water. Many people will just put some water in a bowl and put the end of the chopsticks in there, give them a quick shake around and then move on to the spoons, plates, bowls etc. On this occasion, one of the restaurant staff saw what she was doing and decided to try and start an argument about why she was doing it.

“You don’t think we wash them?” “They’re all clean already, why are you washing them again?” and so on. She was shouting from all the way at the back so everyone in the restaurant could hear. Ugh.. Customer service here doesn’t come close to what it’s like in Beijing!

Anyway, we had a big lunch on a cramped table with Hillary’s family. This restaurant wasn’t the best, but the food was reasonable.

We weren’t sure what to do with the rest of our day, so someone had the clever idea to go to the riverside. At first, it sounded like a good idea – but then we soon realised just how hot and sunny it was!

Hillary, her uncle and aunt pose with Oscar

It was absolutely roasting today so we mostly tried to stay in the shade, but even that was the kind of hot you could just pass out in.

To be honest, I enjoyed being by the river despite the heat and lack of toilets. It was just peaceful and since Hillary’s aunt and uncle went to sleep, it meant that we had some time to actually not think about anything and just relax. We haven’t done much relaxing during this ‘holiday’.

Curious Oscar looking at everything around him. Every time we go somewhere new, his eyes don’t stop scanning the place.

Hillary’s favourite uncle loves Oscar so much!

Do you use an umbrella when it’s sunny where you live? Maybe I should… But, it doesn’t feel right. Also, I enjoy getting some sun!

Oscar just fussed and played pretty much the whole time we were out! He’s really been going for it this week! Good job! I took about a million photos! It takes so long to choose which ones to put on the blog, so that’s part of what’s been holding everything up! Maybe if my camera had film, then I’d be more careful about taking so many photos eh?

Oscar took this photo!
Hillary’s uncle got super tired. As he was the driver, he needed to make sure he caught up on his sleep!

One minute in the push chair, one minute standing, one minute being carried by someone, Oscar was making sure everyone was tired!

After the riverside me, Hillary and Oscar went to a shopping mall. We went to Starbucks and got some coffee to fight off the afternoon sleepiness and walked around to tire out Oscar. It didn’t work!

That’s the end of yet another long and tiring day. I’m not sure what I missed out from here but once again, it’s late and I don’t want to think about anything else except when I’m going to sleep!

See you next time! I’d like to say tomorrow, but I can’t promise that.. Way too busy and tired every day..


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