Everyone went down

Today we were picked up once again by Hillary’s uncle and aunt and taken to her granddad’s home. Her granddad’s home was like the centre for everything that happened during this trip. It all started there and ended there.

Never a dull moment when Oscar is awake!

What do you make of the construction? So many newly completed apartments!

Once we got to her granddad’s home, Oscar was off! Crawling from left to right, here and there, up and down and making a big mess of everything in sight!

Today, everyone got down on the floor to entertain Oscar! First up was her uncle. Then her granddad. He’s 82 years old and can still get down on the floor to play.

Today’s lunch was also not bad. Big variety and very healthy! That’s one thing you have to say about ‘real’ Chinese food, it’s very healthy. The restaurant and fast food versions, not so much.

I really liked eating the crayfish but it’s just such hassle to eat considering the amount of ‘meat’ each of them has.

Oscar was watching his favourite cartoon and almost destroyed my computer while he was trying to bash at the characters and the keyboard. He’s got way too much energy!

After lunch and naps, we went out with Hillary’s granddad for a walk in a nearby park. It was so hot, pretty much as soon as we got there, me and Hillary were once again looking like we’d walked through a fountain. Soaked from head to toe in sweat.

That’s all folks. Not sure why today’s photos ended so abruptly, but that’s that. Come back tomorrow for another update!

See ya!


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