That photo shoot though…

Today was an awful day… I did something I didn’t enjoy and didn’t feel comfortable doing..

Hillary wanted to treat her grandparents to a photo shoot with me and Oscar. They haven’t done anything like this before so it was special for them, but I was dying on the inside. As someone who really enjoys taking photos and videos, you might find it strange that I didn’t enjoy going for a photo shoot right? Well, I’d much rather have my photo taken by people I know than strangers.

They didn’t allow us to take our own photos from the set, so this is all I could get from the first part of this long and awful day. We arrived at 8:30 and the session ended at about 13:00! So long!

Hillary’s aunt came and kinda hijacked the shoot because she wanted to also get photos taken with her parents.. Hmm… Anyway, didn’t bother me because I was already wishing time to go faster and this day to come to an end!

After the photo shoot, we walked back to Hillary’s granddad’s home. It was SO HOT!! Hillary doesn’t usually sweat this much, so we had to take a photo as a souvenir haha.

I ate most of the lunch, except I didn’t touch the grey soup in the middle. I’m not a fan of grey foods.

After lunch, me and Hillary got caught up in a bit of mess caused by her mum… We ended up travelling to a neighbouring city (1.5 hours drive away) to go and visit an uncle and aunt we hadn’t planned on meeting because of the distance.

We got a lift there from Hillary’s uncle, but he was already exhausted because he’d just come back from a long drive in the early hours.

Everyone in China has something like this Buddha or some kind of ‘car dashboard person-thing’. Sometimes it’s religious and sometimes it just because everyone else has one. But, just about every car has one.

The uncle we were visiting lives in Wuhu (芜湖) city in Anhui province. It’s slightly bigger than Hillary’s home city and has a population of 3.7 million people. This city, same as her home city, was full of empty apartment buildings. So so many currently under construction and so many completed ones too – most of them obviously empty. I do wonder why they build so many and more to the point – how they afford to!

Once we arrived, Oscar didn’t take long to get back to his usual crazy self.

He went on an exploration mission around the apartment and found just about anything he could get his hands on. In this case, he found the pack of paper cups! Luckily these are the ones which are awful for the environment (but better to drink out of) and are coated in plastic, so they were difficult to bite to pieces.

I must give credit to Hillary’s aunt – this is the cleanest apartment I think I’ve ever been in! It was spotless! The floor was like a mirror! So shiny and not a smudge in sight.

Hillary’s aunt and uncle tried to pose for pictures with Oscar but he wasn’t having any of it. He squirmed, twisted, flicked his hands and arms in the air, screamed etc. These were some of the only ones which didn’t blur!

Dinner was amazing!

Hillary had said before that her uncle was the family’s ‘big chef’ and I alway took that as meaning he was really good at cooking.. But, it didn’t only mean that – it meant he actually really was a ‘head chef’ in a restaurant! The food tasted really good!

Top marks for taste and presentation!

Anyway, this was a long day. We got home about 11pm and everyone was already half asleep and just passed out!

See you next time!


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