5G is happening

Not sure about you, but I do like my internet to be fast!

Here in Beijing, everywhere is being prepped for the launch of super fast 5G internet!

Sorry about the photos haha, there is no way to make the awful corridor look any prettier. No filter will help this.

These got installed recently and on the small label it has the name of a mobile phone manufacturer (not Huawei). It’s for 5G internet! This is in our apartment building.

I checked and it’s on every floor, near the lift and stairs and also outside all the apartment doors. Maybe a little creepy to have so many points of access but from what I hear, they need to be much closer together than the 3G and 4G we have been accustomed to for years.

Is it dangerous? I remember not long ago thinking having phone masts near schools etc would be bad for our health? What’s going on here then! Outside every door!? On every floor of a building?! What??

What’s your opinion? Is 5G gonna kill us all?


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