Fitness and health..

Last night I was looking through photos of food… And also thinking about joining the gym. Bit of a contradiction right?

I was looking at photos of burgers, fish, dinners gone by and just generally lots of delicious food!

Also, I came across this one from when I bought skimmed milk by accident! I really don’t like skimmed milk! It looked and tasted like water, which is useless for me!

In Chinese the word for skimmed milk is 脱脂 tuōzhī.. But the cartons look so similar, so it was easy to miss! The one for ‘regular’ full-fat milk is the same as this one just without that little blue box and those two words. Easy mistake!

Just look how similar it looks compared to the ‘regular one’..

Are you a skimmed milk drinker, or full fat milk drinker? Why?

Anyway, before I go, just thought I’d add that I joined a gym today! £230 for 2 years… Not bad right? The gym has a swimming pool as well. Even though I don’t think I’ll be swimming, it’s good to have the choice.

See ya!


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