There is censorship in the West too? 🤐🤔

I realised for the first time how powerful censorship is in the West too! I never thought our news was censored by government, but I guess I was wrong..

Something happened the other day in Germany and for some reason I stumbled upon it on Twitter before it was removed… The video was awful.. Then I saw a few articles from completely random unverified sources but all saying the same thing.. I also saw a link to a New York Times article but it was behind a paywall, so I couldn’t read it.

Anyway, it was talking about a serious incident that happened in Germany involving a samurai sword and someone being cut up real bad in broad daylight. This kind of thing should be front page news right? Well based on most newspapers lack of a response, it seems to be unnewsworthy or…… censored..

Have you ever found some crazy news that didn’t seem to get much coverage? Interesting..


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