What a week!

This is a super overdue blog post! We moved house! It was an absolute mission and a half but it was a success!

Anyway, this past week I’ve been out of action in terms of blogging because there just wasn’t any time!

Oscar loves to play with anything but his toys.. When we eat, he wants to eat. When we drink, he wants to drink. This is definitely a good thing because just the other day we were worried he wasn’t eating enough! Such a turnaround in a short time. I made a coffee and he watched me have every sip until it was finished. Then he wanted to play with my empty cup. At first I let him, but then he was using it as a hammer against his toys and things got a little out of hand!

He has crawling mastered now. Just waiting for those first baby steps! 👇

He crawls so quickly it’s hard to believe he isn’t walking yet.

We made lots of small trips to the new place to fix small bits and bobs. Luckily it’s not far away from where we lived before, so it’s all good.

The new place had a curtain fitted around the sofa area so when Hillary’s mum comes over she has somewhere to sleep. Personally I think it makes the living area look ugly, but it’s not so bad when the curtains aren’t drawn.

Moving day arrived! Today was such a long day, or at least it felt like that.. It was actually only just over an hour for the actual move, but hours through the night and morning for packing stuff up.

Next thing… Unpacking! This is the part I really hate. Unpacking and sorting and arranging. In a few days I won’t know where anything is!👇

After some light unpacking, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant. The food was ok, but the portions were perhaps a little small for my liking. Maybe I’m just greedy.

Aaaand back to the unpacking. It’s a slow process but we had to do it. Especially since it’s not just us living here. Can’t leave the place a complete mess for too long.

Hillary bought some new curtains for the bedroom. I wasn’t sure at first based on the pictures. But after seeing the real thing I really like it! During the day if the curtains are drawn, the light comes through in little beams through the star shapes. It’s really nice actually.👇

Sleepy baby..👇

👇I went back to the old apartment to check on the cats. I thought they’d be hungry since we moved and left them there alone. I was wrong! They managed to open up a cupboard where their food was and completely destroyed their catnip snacks and made a start on their regular food. Wow..

Slowly but surely getting there. I can actually see floor space! Nice! Also the table is almost clear!👇

👇Ages ago I saw the advert for this kind of cheese yoghurt and thought it was a joke! It wasn’t… Hillary bought these for us…. Damn. Cheese? Yoghurt? I’m going to try it, but my expectations are super low.

That’s better! Table cloth spread and a rug. Oscar can finally go down on the floor! Once we have the rest of the floor cleaned – the apartment is his! 👇

Phew! Ok, see you later for another update!


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