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Italy on lockdown?

It’s been a while since I posted an update on this blog about the COVID-19 coronavirus! I’ve been focusing my attention on YouTube – so if you haven’t already, go to my channel and subscribe!

So the latest news is that Italy is putting it’s northern region of Lombardy on lockdown. This is something I’ve been wondering if they could actually pull off. Time will tell!

Do you think your government could pull off a successful lockdown of your city or region? I have my doubts about whether people in the UK would accept being quarantined in this way. Of course I understand why people wouldn’t want to be locked in with people who are potentially carrying a virus, but at the same time, containment is so important!

Hopefully there will be a vaccination soon! But I won’t be first in line for that! Many vaccinations in the past have been found to actually be more deadly than the virus itself.

Let me know your thoughts on the coronavirus. I haven’t heard much from ‘normal people’ about if they’re worried or not bothered by it. I’ve only seen (probably biased) polls like this one –

Not sure how much I should trust this.. But with nothing else to go by, I guess people back home are pretty chilled about the virus!

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