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Well that was a crazy 2.5 years!

I’ve been meaning to make a video or write something about the past 2 years since the Wuhan virus, AKA Coronavirus, AKA Covid-19, AKA that virus everyone keeps going on about.

It’s hard to imagine that our lives just turned into a horror movie overnight because of COVID. If someone were to have told you in advance that we’d be banned from going outside, banned from working, not allowed out without a mask, semi-forced to be vaccinated, need to download tracking apps etc NO ONE would believe it. No one! But yet that’s exactly what happened.

I had only just returned to Beijing after spending Christmas 2019 in the UK with family and after a few days, someone asked me if I was ok and if I’d heard about the virus that was going around China. Nope, I’d never heard of it. But I was fine. Little did I know that there was a bit of a coverup going on about the severity of a virus..

Who would have believed there would be a worldwide shortage of toilet roll? (Excluding China). The scenes from the news were so unreal. Remember the supermarket brawls? The empty street drone shots from cities all over? People didn’t believe me that everything was fine in China. I say everything.. We had our freedom and more than enough food (which would later be a problem).

We were quite sheltered from most of the lockdowns while we were in Beijing. In fact, we didn’t experience any of it at all! There were all sorts of restrictions on which places were allowed to open and the buses and taxis were stopped for a while too, but we were free to roam the streets if we wished, for the most part.

After some time, after a family tragedy, we left Beijing and went to a much smaller city called Ma’Anshan. Just after we left – Beijing went into its first official lockdown.

What was your experience like over the past couple years? Can you believe this is real life and not just some movie??

Anyway, there’s more to come over the next few days. I am currently bored out of my mind here in Nottingham and I’ve been reflecting on a few things.

Stay tuned and go find me on YouTube.

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