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I’ve been wanting to write on here for so long, but there just hasn’t been anything positive to write about lately. Then I thought to myself – why do I only need to write about the positive things in my life? Life is full of all sorts of negative things as well as positive and they deserve equal attention.

Right now is one of the negative ones. Unfortunately I can only talk about my feelings instead of what is happening.

I feel like I’ve lost hope for people. I no longer want to ‘try’ and be a positive influence on those around me. I want to just be me and let others do whatever they want to do.

Sometimes when you try to counsel and to change people’s way of thinking it is so tiring and frustrating, it ends up making you yourself the one in need of the counselling.

I feel exhausted. There, I said it.

There are so many things happening in my life now, I shouldn’t have any time to waste on things that make me unhappy, but they are right in my face and unavoidable.

A son and family that have just moved from China and are still integrating into UK life. Living at home with my parents. A new business that is in the early days which are generally the toughest. A baby on the way, due any day now. These are some of the major things happening right now and just some of the cocktail that has made the past few months so absolutely exhausting.

The title of this post is ‘reset’. That’s because now I have made a record of what I am feeling, hopefully I’ll be able to just move on. Onwards and upwards. To brighter things. Leaving the negativity behind me.

It’s time to have a reset. I’ll be fine.

See you soon.

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