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AirPods Pro lost at home! 😩

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but this is my embarrassing reality.

My AirPods are lost somewhere AT HOME! I’m sure I remember one day recently I put them somewhere ‘for a while’ because I ‘knew’ I’d get them later, then the rest is history. LOST!

Not happy. I haven’t been able to catch up on any of my regular YouTube vids, or TV shows etc. everything has been silent.

Im not one of those who can comfortably sit there blasting stuff from the phone speaker while everyone else is trying to do their own thing or while Oscar is sleeping. So I have no choice, at least for now, I NEED some headphones..

For now, I’m not ready to accept that my AirPods are fully lost 😞, since I’m certain it’s at home somewhere.. I’ll make do with these £19 wired headphones 😆 until I get a new phone. But if I don’t find them before I buy my next iPhone, I’m definitely going to replace them at that time.

What would you do? Just go and get some new AirPods and potentially still find the old ones soon? Or do as I did and get some cheap ones in the mean time? Or are you just crazy and would do without headphones 😱

Update: they arrived lol

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